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Reasons why you wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about your weight if you are Mirka.

Posted by tennisplanet on March 25, 2008


Can someone shed some freaking light why any female in Mirka’s position not want to be in tip top shape?

Here are some reasons I can only guess:

-The door is shut, the mouse is in the trap. Why dangle the cheese any more.

-This is her way of getting back at Federer for not marrying her sooner. Federer has to hear and read all that talk about a morbidly obese girl friend. She knows he cannot dump her for fear of a fan backlash.

-Federer wants her that way to keep her off the shelve for other guys.

-Has given up on marriage and life altogether.

-Federer is a chubby chaser.

-She has a disease – called eating.

It’s mind boggling, don’t you think? You are the girl friend of the world’s most dominating athlete who is plastered on newspapers and magazines all over the world, many times along with you. If you truly loved the guy wouldn’t you want to make him look good by looking good yourself and taking care of your freaking hair. At the least, wouldn’t your being slim and beautiful save him the embarrassment of listening and reading derogatory material on his girl friend.

Is it a coincidence that the wife of every freaking high profile athlete in the world is slim, beautiful AND works at it to keep it that way? Heck, Woods’s wife even after the birth of a child is in shape. How about Sampras’s wife with two kids, Steffi Graf with two kids. Even Stepanek’s girl friends are in shape.

Is it all by chance? Not likely. They love their partners enough to make sacrifices to make them look good and proud in public. And you haven’t even had a baby yet. At least not that we know of. What’s going to happen after the child?

Even if we suppose that Federer loves you so much that he doesn’t care how you look, isn’t that even more of a reason for you to get on the treadmill and off the buffet?

Or has it all come down to a business relationship now with an arrangement to not go public about it, to maintain status quo?

I just don’t get it.

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