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Here is another prediction: When will Federer retire and how many Grand Slams will he win.

Posted by tennisplanet on July 10, 2007

Take in this disclaimer first, so are awake with both hands on the keyboard, you one-track-minded zombies: 95% of my predictions have come true.

If you want to solve your stupid problems in life, just supply me with a new goat at my basement for a week, and you will have my attention and the prediction. Now, don’t turn judgemental on me!!!! It’s for the benefit of the goat – mostly.

CUT THE CRAP OUT. ok, sorry.

Here is the deal.

After careful calculation, it appears Federer will end up with 15 Grand Slams.

Retirement? That will happen in 2011, that’s four more years. Federer will like to carry on, but repeated losses to journeymen will convince him otherwise.

He will compete in the Wimbledon Olympics crap in 2012 after retiring. No title there.

I can see some of you are already jumping up and down and Gracie and Jenny already have their foot through the computer screen. Calm freaking down and put in your two cents.

This prediction will be buried in a time capsule under my basement, with the other….. Oh, forget about the other stuff. Don’t push me around and try to get more info than I wish to reveal. Just stick to the prediction for your own ‘benefit’.

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