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Federer refuses to talk to Bud Collins.

Posted by tennisplanet on June 12, 2007

Remember Nadal’s interview with Bud Collins right after the final? Well, there was supposed to one with Federer too, but Federer declined.

Was it the frustration of losing the match? Duh. But he had no trouble speaking at the award ceremony seconds earlier, and was happily or unhappily, chatting with the media, after brushing aside Collins.

Was it dislike of the American media or was it the clown Bud? Do you think he could have refused the request to Al Michaels or Bob Costas?

Whatever it was, it was absolutely distasteful.

You know, they say if you really want to know what kind of a person someone is, go and travel with him. The stress and the anxiety will uncover the real human.

The freaking point is this: The real test of anyone’s character is when adversity strikes. We all can be gracious, decent and magnanimous when things are rolling our way. It’s when the chips are down, that the real character emerges.

This is not the first time, Federer has shown his not-so-nice side. Remember the ‘one-dimensional’ remark to describe Nadal after the early losses, or that ‘Nadal is being coached on the court’ stuff. 

You have to be a consumate professional, irrespective of how hurt you are inside. It’s easy to follow our instincts, good or bad. To reign them in, whenever appropriate is what makes a human shine.


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