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Federer rivalries. From gmoz. Good work. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 22, 2007




The final between Roger and Nalbandian made me search for 50 minutes through the ATP archives. I was interested about Federer rivalries.
We know about Fed-Nad, but, if it’s to define a rivalry as more then 10 matches between 2 players, with a certain amount of equilibrium (wins from both sides), it came up with:

TRUE rivalries:
Federer – Nalbandian 8-7
Federer – Nadal 5-8
Federer – Henman 7-6
Federer – Safin 8-2
Federer – Agassi 8-3
Federer – Roddick 14-1
Federer – Hewitt 13-7
Federer – Ferrero 9-3
Federer – Kiefer 9-3
Federer – Haas 8-2
Federer – Ljubicic 11-3
Federer – Santoro 8-2

Absolutely no rivalries:
Federer – Davydenko 10-0
Federer – Gonzalez 10-0
Federer – Robredo 8-0
Federer – Youzhny 10-0
Federer – Pavel 7-1
Federer – Moya 7-0
Federer – Blake 7-0
Federer – Ferrer 7-0

The young pretenders:
Federer – Djokovic 5-1
Federer – Berdych 5-1
Federer – Gasquet 6-1

So, me, as true a Federer fan as I am, I have to admit Nalby was and I think will be a pain in the ass for Rog. The boys USOpen final, Shanghai 2005 and Madrid 2007 (the only finals played by them against each other) were all in Nalby’s favour.
This is totally new and uncharacteristical for Roger.

With Henman, Hewitt, Agassi or Nadal he had bad starts of their rivalries but he came back strong winning at least a final against each of them.

But with Nalby is a new, totally different approach.
I think is a new type of mental problem for Fed, different from the one he has with Rafa, but I’m not good enough to explain it…

Any ideas?

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