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Where is Federer at 26, vs other legends.

Posted by tennisplanet on March 26, 2007


Roger Federer is a gift to the sports world, at large. Such mountain of talent, aligned with grace, modesty and decency, sprinkled with an unsatiable desire for humanitarian work – that’s a rare combination destined to transcend tennis and sports. We are fortunate to be witnessing history and greatness unfold.

Every sport has a stand-out player – unique, and so much superior than every other player in history. But not all these players transcend their sport. Some players who have achieved that are: Mohammad Ali of Boxing, Michael Jordan of Basketball, Tiger Woods of Golf.

Here is a breakdown of where Roger Federer stacks up, against the greats of the game, when they were 26 years of age. Federer still has about 4 months to reach his 26th birthday, and to add more to his total.

Age Name Country Titles Majors Rank
26 Pete Sampras United States 49 10 1
Bjorn Borg Sweden 61 11 1
Ivan Lendl United States/ Czech 79 2 1
Andre Agassi United States 44 3 3
John McEnroe United States 61 7 1
Roger Federer Switzerland 47 10 1
Jimmy Connors United States 67 5 1
Mats Wilander Sweden 31 7 58

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