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What I admire about Federer.

Posted by tennisplanet on July 19, 2007

Pure, rich, dripping and abundant talent. I have never seen that much of it ever, since boxer Mohammad Ali and soccer player Pele.

Although I have seen videos of the latter two, witnessing it first hand from Federer is like an out-of-body experience. If you have not seen him in action in person, you are not just depriving yourself of tennis genius, but also of absolute beauty in its purest form.

If you admire anything beautiful, you don’t need to know the mechanics of the form it is in, to appreciate it. Like, you don’t have to be a boxing fan, to enjoy the arsenal of shots and more importantly how effortlessly and elegantly they are executed, in the ring by Mohammad Ali.

If you love beauty and grace, you cannot miss it irrespective of the form and character it manifests itself in. If you have not already done it, go out and sell your house and that crappy car of yours, and buy the ticket to Federer’s next match in your primitive village.

It doesn’t matter if you are a tennis fan or not. You are not going out to watch a tennis match, you are watching genius at work – a once in a lifetime kind of euphoria. It is not everyday that a genius is born. History is proof that medium through which that genius is expressed is irrelavant. It is a spectacle to behold even for a layman.

And of course, if you are tennis fan, and you have not yet seen Federer in action, just go and drown yourself in the kitchen sink, right NOW.

You cannot get the real sense of what you are watching unless you are with him. If you are dizzy just watching on the freaking TV, make sure you get life insurance, before you step in those stands.

What strikes me most is, how he is able to get that sweet spot on his racket, even for the most difficult and out-of-the-world shots. That sound you hear from his racket is pure music. If you ever played any freaking sport, you will know what I am talking about.

It is the shortest distance between effort and efficiency.

The crowd is in rapt attention. They don’t want to miss a single shot from him. The wows and ooohs are constant and unending. I truly believe in what some one said, that his racket is an extension of his hand. As close to humanly possible it can be.

The comfort level, with which absolute ‘ridiculous degree of difficulty’ shots, are executed cannot exist without that precise eye-hand coordination. It is pure genius. Have I used that word enough?

Particularly startling to me is, how he is able to pull all of the above, when he is changing the direction of the ball to the other side of the court. The ball has to hit that perfect spot on the racket with just the precise force behind it, to land where Federer is able to place time and time again.

He is so dangerously comfortable with the racket in his hand, that it truly looks like his hand. He is capable of doing everything with that racket, anything that his hand can do. Well, almost. I know, I tried it and let’s just say, it was painful. Don’t get into my personal life.

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