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Federer, you need to bring humor to your press conferences, to avoid getting all this crap, get to you.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 23, 2007


“It’s almost laughable that I have to explain why I lost a set,” Federer said in an on-court interview.

“The balls are quite a bit slower here than in Madrid but I’m sure I’ll get used to it and play better in the second round.

“Now I’m through the first round and I have a day off on Wednesday — so everything is perfect really.”

You don’t need to get so defensive and uptight about people asking you for that set. You very well know, it’s not laughable. It was against an unknown, right after your loss in the finals. In fact, it would have been weird if someone did not bring it up.

You cannot be scared of the elephant in the room, since this is how the psychological rust sets in. By denying it. Face it head on, and add humor to avoid having your mental shield compromised.

‘Nalbandian sent him a note before the match, or I was just trying to duplicate the score from the previous match with my own numbers (lame), or the soup last night came from the restaurant owned by a German (Berrer is from Germany, you lazy freaks), had a fight with Mirka last night, wanted to be cordial to the guest at my home event, Wawrinka is playing tough to get and that weighed on my mind and elsewhere, Berrer had an ear piece, and was being coached by Boris Becker from Germany, the Swiss chocolate back fired, my racket was exchanged in the locker room, they switched to used balls on my serve for just $110 bribe – Hey, that’s the best I got. What? I never said, I was good at this. Oh, I did? I must have been ‘busy’ then.

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