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Federer, you will always have us with you, no matter what.

Posted by tennisplanet on May 9, 2008

Federer has done so much for tennis and many things not even remotely connected to tennis, that no matter what happens, his place in history and in the hearts of millions of fans worldwide, will last forever.

He has proved over and over again that this individual rises once in a million years, to jump start not only tennis but the world of sport in the right direction, in the midst of world stuffed with scandals, felonies and druggies.

He has been THE best ambassador for tennis ever. No one even comes close to the all round and multi faceted personality and game he has. We are truly honored to be in the same generation to witness the burst of brilliance on and off the court of a giant in the world of sport. No one in tennis has won so many awards on the world stage competing against Goliaths from all over the world from every freaking sport.

He has brought us to tears and has made us jump ecstatically in our living rooms by not only his many victories, but the way he made them look easy and effortless, using his genius and magic we may never see again ever. He drew so many to the sport, not just with his skill but with his generous, decent and magnanimous personality. His respect of his peers reached legendary status. Despite beating everyone to pulp, there was not a single soul in the locker room, who had anything bad to say about him.

He has shared himself with people all over the world, at times when even his own career was at stake. He delighted fans by electing to play exhibitions with Sampras at a time most players would have chosen to concentrate on their own career instead. Even Sampras admitted that if he was at a point where Federer is at his career, he would not have done what Federer is glad to perform for the sake of tennis and fans.

He is currently without question the most beloved athlete on the face of the earth. Fans adore him and love him to a state of frenzy not seen in many years. He has transcended race, color, nationality, sex, religion, you name it.

He is a jewel in today’s world not just of the tennis world but the entire universe in general. Fans come in hordes to him because of his game but are enamoured more of Federer, the human being.

Federer has a special place in the hearts of his fans which has nothing to do with his exploits on the court anymore. He has blown past that many years ago and is firmly etched as the most adored human being today.

He may be going through a rough patch currently, but maybe that’s for a reason. Maybe the second phase of his career will shape up to be even better than the first one. He is still 26 and with the support and prayers of millions, he could come back even stronger.

But our love and respect for him is not contingent on his wins or loses anymore. Of course, we would like him to win all the time, but if God wishes otherwise, we wish him best of luck and hope that whatever he is going through now ends up as a blessing in disguise, because no one deserves the good stuff more than him.

Federer, we will always have your back. So go boldly and aggressively towards your journey wherever it takes you. You will always find us there with you.

We admire you and love you infinitely.

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