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Federer, your job is far from over.

Posted by tennisplanet on July 30, 2007

What you have accomplished right now, is equal to what a building contractor achieves, when he has purchased all the finest materials from the hardware store, and transported all that crap to the building site. The actual building of the house, he is going to live in, has not even started. You just have a very good foundation.

The rest of the journey will require just as much, or may be more, energy, dedication and commitment, as what you have already travelled. With such exquisite foundation, the expectations of a beautiful and ‘out of world’ house is natural to soar.

Also keep in mind, everyone of the former greats from Jack Nickalaus, to Borg, to Sampras to Aron, regret not having worked harder to set a even higher bar, when their records are about to be broken. That is exactly what Jack Nickalaus said when asked about Woods being within striking range of his 18 majors.

You are essentially at the mid point of your journey and cannot just yet, take your foot off the pedal. With such a tremendous head start, it would be a pity if every freaking record is not broken, by the time you retire.

There are enough examples of players, in practically every sport, carrying that monkey forever – you know, the monkey ‘best player not to have tapped his potential to the fullest’.

In tennis, you can point to Lendl, Agassi etc. but none of them were ever considered, as the best ever anytime in their career, by most pundits.

So far, if this current season is viewed impartially, there are visible signs of cracks. That dominant display of the last three some years, appears to be tapering. Needless to say as the years go by, it will become even more difficult to win titles. With the window obviously closing in, this is the time to increase the intensity to a feverish pitch, to justify what is already in your bag.

Here’s hoping the hard court season proves to be the second coming.

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