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Zombies, have you gone crazy?

Posted by tennisplanet on May 21, 2007

Couple of weeks ago, this site broke the top 100 mark among almost a million blogs on this platform. 

Today, ‘Tennisplanet’ broke the top 20 mark (18) among about a million blogs on this platform, 990,130 to be exact. Are you freaking kidding me?

Are you freaking trying to freak me out? Are you trying to pressure me? What is your freaking agenda? You think I will go crazy, correction, crazier with all that traffic and won’t be able to function? Newsflash: I am already at the breaking point. You can’t make it worse. So quit it, already.

Where is this freaking woodwork you all are coming out of?

Don’t mess with me. I am the kind of person who eats the apple without even washing it.

Welcome aboard, freaks!!!

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