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Freaks, here is the solution to all your problems, and maybe Federer’s too.

Posted by tennisplanet on May 26, 2007

Here is an excerpt from a book ‘Body for Life’ I read recently.

“Picture this: For the first time in a long time, or perhaps the first time ever, all aspects of your life are coming together. You’ve successfully transformed your patterns of action, and you’re moving forward in the direction of your goals.

You’re well on your way to a new and better life. You feel unstoppable until… the ‘unexpected’ happens. Adversity strikes. Something goes wrong. You’re blindsided by a bad hit.

These hits can come from any direction. It might be an injury. It might be the loss of your job or a failed business venture, an illness, the end of a relationship, or worst of all, a personal tragedy.

The fact is, adversity hits us all, and not just ‘once in a blue moon’. No one is exempt. When trouble, in whatever form, strikes, it can bring your progress to a screeching halt. It can destroy your momentum, cripple your self-confidence, and send you into a tailspin – a situation where one thing after another, after another just doesn’t go your way.

There is no training system, supplement, or ‘miracle pill’ that can make you immune to adversity. But does that mean there’s nothing you can do about it?

Yes and no.

You can’t always prevent ill fortune, especially due to forces and circumstances beyond your control. But what you can do is expect adversity as an inevitable part of life. In fact, you must expect trouble in order to properly deal with it. Remember, it’s not a matter of if it comes your way; it’s a matter of when and how severely it strikes your life.

We must all accept that ill fortune is an inevitable part of life, and it is because of, not in spite of, misfortune that we grow. You see, our character will never be fully tested until things are not going our way. Those who have the courage to succeed in spite of adversity become an inspiration. They contribute value to the lives of others. They make a difference.

Whenever you reach that point, immediately ask yourself, ‘What can I do to turn this negative into a positive? How can I make this work for me rather than against me?’

When you approach obstacles this way, you will experience an immediate boost in energy and confidence. By practicing this skill – by learning how to transform obstacles into advantages – by attacking challenges head on – you will not only continue to move forward, you will gain the inner strength to deal with anything life brings your way.

When you look at misfortune that way, you will realize misfortune is a bridge, not a barricade, to greater achievements. It can represent the opening of doors, not the closing of them. When adversity strikes, don’t let it stop you. Promise yourself in advance you will transform that negative into a positive. That’s not just the right way to handle it, it’s the only way”.

Maybe I should send this to Federer or is it Nadal? We’ll know by June 11 or is it going to be earlier?

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