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Hey, all you zombies and freaks. Pick up that freaking phone and make that call.

Posted by tennisplanet on July 19, 2007

Remember Justine Henin just got united with her family after seven freaking years of separation. Unless the party is a serial killer or a psychopath or some such wierdo, there is no reason to freaking cut off your family ties.

I have recently looked at my crystal balls (yes, I have two of them. You got a problem with that?). They say, that all of you freaks are sailing in the same boat, as Justine was few months ago.

Get off your butt and make that call. It doesn’t matter if it is your brother, sister, parent, son, daughter, cousin, friend, whatever freaking one it is. Life is too short. Yeah, you don’t believe that. You are so strong and young. Ask the folks at the senior citizen center.

I used to think it is a sign of weakness if I apologized. It is the other freaking way around. You need lot of strength and balls to say ‘I am sorry and I apologize’.

Say those words, and if you are saying those words to someone with a pulse, watch the miracle. Even the ‘butter in an oven melting’ analogy cannot stand the comparison. The person will just collapse mentally and psychologically, maybe physically too.

Most will start crying. You doubt that. Give it a freaking try and see how powerful these words are, and how strong you need to be to utter them.

Don’t carry the bitterness all through your short life. You or other person may not be there tomorrow. Don’t regret it when it is too late.

Check out these scenarios.

A father had a rough time with his teen-age son. One day he rebuked his son for his action. In the morning the father woke up late. He wanted to hug his son and tell him that even though he rebuked him last night, he loved him so much. The son woke up early and was gone to school. On the way back from his office, the father bought a present for his son. However, even before he reached his home, he received a call in his car that his son had a terrible traffic accident and died instantly. The father did not have the chance to present the gift or give the hug or a kiss, or say what he wanted to say. What was unspoken remained unspoken!

A person felt regret about an action toward his parents. He wanted to seek forgiveness from them and also make repentance. He did repent but could not speak to his mother, because she passed away overnight due to a heart attack. What was unspoken remained unspoken!

I know what you are thinking. This is all some psycho babble crap, and besides how can I forget what that person did to me. What? You are a saint? You have done nothing wrong to anyone in your life? Keep all that crap to yourself, freaks. You know, my balls never lie.

Besides, you are not doing this to get anything in return. Maybe the other person just shurgs it away. Have you lost anything? The load off your shoulders, which you have been carrying for centuries, is more than enough reward.

Forgiveness benefits the giver more than the recipient. I just made that up. I must be good. Hey, watch it!!!

Besides, I am speaking from experience. I just apologized to the two TVs I smashed during this Wimbledon finals. Believe me, that is not easy to do. But if freaks like you can do it, heck I can do it too. 

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