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Giving is truly more powerful than receiving.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 21, 2007

OK, I know, all you freaks have heard that a billion times, but have you ever practised it? It is like an addiction. Once you have truly given something, just for the sake of giving sincerely, and not for some ulterior motive, you cannot just stop there. It’s like eating a bag of chips.

It benefits both the giver and the receiver. If you have never felt it, go drown yourself in the kitchen sink right NOW. If you want to take it a step further, try doing it anonymously. That is like the strongest drug there is on this planet. The high you get from that is without parallel.

Get out of your cardboard box today, and give something to someone. Even a compliment will do the job. Send a thank you card, visit a sick relative or friend, read to terminally ill children, visit senior citizen center, donate your old clothes, buy medicines for people who cannot afford them, if you just turned 18 or are over 18, visit someone’s basement etc. For more ideas, click here.

Are you freaking getting the picture or do you want me to come down there and ‘explain’ it?

Bring some happiness in your and someone’s life, and relieve the stress of living, TODAY.

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