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How important are good looks to reach No. 1 spot?

Posted by tennisplanet on October 1, 2007


Looks like it is vital. Just look at the past No.1s.

In fact, isn’t that the rule in practically any worthy prize in life?

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. Like they say, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Their game may not be the only obstacle in reaching the peak. It is the configuration on their face, that may be more deadly to overcome, than the lunatic standing across the net, to block their route to the mountain top. 

Studies after studies have confirmed this trend, in almost any human endeavor with high stakes. Even the ‘President of the United States’ position is not immune. OK, this present one has to be an exception.

Just look around your own miserable lives, and you will find good looking people holding positions of authority and influence.

The self esteem boost, good looks provide, permeates many areas of our lives, to lift us above our average and ugly looking beings. It is a fact of life.

No wonder, there has been a massive increase in men electing to go under the knife, to enhance their looks to promote their careers.

So, Steponyrneck, Chela and the like, have this psychological barrier with tremendous backing from the history books, to deny them the top prize. They can improve their game only so much, before they hit that impenetrable ceiling.

It is even more pronounced, understandably, on the women’s side. Some, like Serena, are in denial and disillusioned about it, but it goes to show, you can fake it till you make it. So, it actually boils down to how you perceive yourself to be, irrespective of how you really are, or how others see you. This is getting too confusing, even for me.

Justine, by this yardstick, has to be some freaking freak of nature, to be doing what she is doing, with what she has. 5’5″ frame is not helping either.

According to this theory, all we have to do is take a poll who is better looking, Nadal or Djokovic, to accurately predict who will be the next No. 1, right? Maybe.

What it means to you? Look your best at what you strive to excel in, and you are half way there. In fact, I read a book where the guy actually went out and took a survey, of which colors people associate with successful people and vice versa. Or even the type and style of clothing has a positive and negative effect.

For instance, women find a combination of dark blue and maroon color on a man irresistible. Like a blue jean and a maroon round neck jersey. You should read the book and choose your wardrobe wisely, to enhance your best features and hide your deficiencies.

No wonder I am stuck with these inflatables. Never thought clothes were that important. I thought they were more like ‘in the way’.

I am forgetting the title. But if you google ‘how to dress’ or something like that, I am sure you will find enough to get you started.

Mohammad Ali (here we go again. Anyone has any doubt who my idol is, by now?) actually made it part of his arsenal declaring, that ‘Heavyweight champion of the world should be pretty and good looking like me’. You think that hit most of his opponents, exactly where he wanted? You bet.

Maybe that’s what Roddick is missing: a long nose and disappearing teeth. And all this while, Connors has been working on his backhand. Wrong target.

If you need any further advice and you are a female, please visit my ‘basement clinic’ after 11:00 pm. Mom goes to sleep at 10:55, I think. Please bring a mattress with you.

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