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Growing diversity in the tennis world.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 25, 2007

The sport is attracting jokers, who were never found in the tennis world, just a few years ago.

There is a healthy infusion of black tennis players specially in women’s tennis. William sisters may be responsible for that trend there.

Besides, this is the first time in the history of the sport, that the big three (US, Australia and the UK) of tennis, have been replaced by nations coming out of the wazoo. We Americans cannot point to where Iraq is on the world map, forget about Switzerland, Serbia, Croatia etc. Did they just become nations?

Then there are the freaks of nature who cannot stop growing taller, even if they stop eating (Karlovic). Tennis never had six footers in the top ten. Now it is the norm.

People from other planets have joined in the parade. Some are not even aware which one they are from, like Jankovic and Stepinyourneck.

Orientals are coming out the wood work too. I thought Michael Chang was the first and the last. They have more players in the top 100 than UK and Australia combined.

Is it the rise in the prize money, or is it because the big cats have abandoned the ship?

Is Federer really that good, or the competition is so weak, that he can pull off any shot he wants? The fact, that he always had trouble with a 200-year old Agassi, still creates doubt, how an over-the-hill joker, from the previous generation, was able to push the best player in his prime, while the current players wilt and falter.

Has tennis suddenly become so popular in other countries, or are they just filling in the vaccum? There has never been a player from Switzerland in the top 100 ever, I think. Is Federer just a freak, or that’s how we are going to play tennis from now on?

What’s next? A GOAT from Alaska?

Other planets should be barred, at the freaking least. If this keeps up, we will have other species competing at Wimbledon. Somebody please step in, or I am starting a training camp for goats and cows.

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