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Are we living a better life with all the technological advancements?

Posted by tennisplanet on June 17, 2007

Our grand parents and great grand parents did some pretty stupid stuff. We are fortunate, that we have progressed so much with all the technology and stuff, that we are so much superior and are able to lead a much better life.

Can you even imagine some of these weird and foolish stuff these old folks did?

-They would leave their home without even locking the doors.

-If they ran out of sugar, salt or whatever, they would run over to the neighbors for a cup full of it.

-They would remain married for years and years and never divorce.

-They valued family values to the extent that mothers stayed home to raise good, upright children, instead of sending them to the excellent care of the day care centers.

-They took care of their parents at home, instead of sending them to the caring and safe retirement homes.

-They rarely enjoyed pre-marital sex.

-Girls remained virgins and saved themselves for their husbands. What a joke.

-They never tasted the fun of having children out of wedlock.

-They never enjoyed shacking up with boy friends without marriage.

-They would never know the benefits of getting high with drugs.

-How about having kids in your teens. They really missed out on that.

-They had to do so much physical activity that they never realised the benefits to obesity. They had to freaking walk everywhere. What losers.

-Sure they never heard of HIV and Cancer, but that’s because they were so old fashioned and rigid. Look at us. We are the ones having the most fun.

-They had never even heard of rehab centers for alchohol, stupidity, drugs etc.

-They had never even seen high rise buildings and such awesome construction. They lived with forests, trees and all that natural stuff.

-They had never even heard of inhalers and asthma. What ignorance. They never took any measures to clean the air. We have made tremendous strides in providing clean air to everyone. They had never heard of smog.

-They never took any measures to perserve the wildlife or the endangered species dying due to climate changes.

-They never realized the benefits of cutting down forests to make way for civilisation.

-They never knew what jewels were hidden in the industralization of industries and the consequent money that had to be made.

We are so much advanced, and our quality of life is so much superior, to those losers. We have made tremendous progress. Technology and the modernisation has certainly made us better. Can you even imagine living in those times? Aren’t you glad to be born in these prosperous times?

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