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If you are a journalist at a Federer presser, have some freaking shame.

Posted by tennisplanet on May 13, 2008

Federer has more than bent over backwards to make himself available to you throughout his career. He has stayed longer than expected to fully address all your freaking questions, so you can go to office and get kudos from your boss. So you can make a living without stressing it. He made himself as accessible as any sports figure in any freaking sport in recent times.

And you morons and knuckleheads come back to him with knives and scissors just so you can create controversy and make more money and this time get adulation from your peers and boss for altogether different reason? This is how you pay back a guy’s sincere effort to satisfy your endless questioning urges in the past? Is money and that promotion so important that you forget about karma?

If nothing else, at least show some respect for the years and years of brilliance he poured out on the court, a spectacle you had never seen and may be never see in your freaking miserable lifetime. It was purely and solely because of that flash in the sky, that so many people read all the BS and crap you have been writing. The circulation and the readers of your cheap newspaper and magazine did not go up because of your nimrod articles. They became popular because of this man’s ability to wow and amaze ordinary folks who at times had never ever watched a tennis match before.

He is the one solely responsible for the sudden influx of cash into your account. The gains you have made professionally, monetary or otherwise, in the last four some years has nothing to do with your stupid writing. It has everything to do with this genius on the tennis court, the like of which may never arise again.

Remember you were nothing before he burst on the scene? Your articles were relegated to the bottom of the last page of many major publications. No one cared to read your BS. Now, even in the US there is renewed interest in the sport, and what comes out of your nitwit brain is now being read by more and more people. All that has nothing to do with you and everything to do with this icon.

And how do you pay him back? You start asking rude and hurtful questions. He must be thinking of all the times when he stayed back with you idiots to make sure everyone left happy and satisfied. Despite just finishing a tiring match, he summoned enough energy to take care of you, so you can take care of your family and put food on the table. He made a concerted effort to answer each of your stupid questions with all the relevant details instead of short, one-word curt answers. He had nothing to gain from it. You were the one benefiting the most from it.

You have heard of Barry Bonds, haven’t you? The monster he was for the media people. Maybe that’s the way you like to be treated. Isn’t that the message you are sending to the next top guy with your bonehead questioning? Treat us well and we will come back at you when you start fading with no regard to anything you did for us during your hey days. Djokovic, are you paying attention?

He has done more for the sport of tennis in just four some years than you will ever do for any freaking cause in your entire freaking lifetime.

I live in a basement, what’s your excuse?


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