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If you are a true Federer fan, shouldn’t you be furious at Roger?

Posted by tennisplanet on June 15, 2007

Just one stat from the match is enough ammunition: 6% break point conversion – one out of 18????????????

Are you freaking kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then there are others:

Over four months of preparation? What exactly was improved and worked on? Was there a clear cut strategy and a plan to execute it? Was physical strength and endurance even considered? Twice as many unforced errors than your opponent – was that part of the plan?

With the whole crowd behind you, you basically had a home court advantage. The opponent was not his dominating self and was clearly off his ‘A’ game. Were you actually taken out of your misery in the fourth set, because physically, the fifth set would have been humiliating and embarrassing. 

With the option of facing tougher opponents, miraculously removed (Ferrero, Volandri, Canas, Youzhny), you were saved up for, just one big match in the entire event. All the momentum was behind you, along with the first win of your entire career on clay against Nadal.

And what happens? Not only did you fail to open the gift wrapped present, your ‘go-to’ shot – the forehand – went down the toilet. How can you fail on so many fronts, at such a crucial match, after such a lengthy and protracted practice and preparation?

What do you want us to say? Don’t worry, you will do it next time or you did your best and you are still the best or some such crap?

You better get back in shape for the rest of the season, after letting us down so miserably, to get our loyalty and affection back. As they say ‘world loves the winner and has no time for the loser’. Is that enough motivation for you?

Nadal’s popularity has peaked after the FO, and his bandwagon has parked itself, right along side yours. And there is some serious jumping going on, right about now.

We feel betrayed and humiliated after being full of hope, knowing that you must be fully prepared, after having so many months of doing nothing, but working on this project. It is a huge let down and we are dejected and saddened by your poor and sub par performance at such a critical juncture.

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