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Is Britney Spears the next Anna Nicole Smith?

Posted by tennisplanet on January 6, 2008

Unless she gets some drastic help and NOW, she is not too far from uniting with Anna Nicole Smith, on the other side.

You think we will see more and more of these morons, as we continue on with the current violation of nature’s laws? You bet. We already have many waiting in the wings to bite the dust: Lohan, Hilton, Nicole, Hinges?…..

Nature’s laws are immutable. That’s how they were when  Adam arrived, and will remain put until the last human leaves. There are millions of examples, history has in store for us, of what the consequences are, of violating these rules.

It doesn’t matter what aspect of our life carries the taboo these days or does not. Many deeds which were not even imaginable few years ago, are being committed on a regular basis now. And because of this increased activity, we become more accepting of these actions.

But that doesn’t make them right. The infringement is still there, the breach has occurred, since nature’s ground rules have not changed.

The closer you stay tuned to nature, the better and less stressful will be your lifestyle, whether you are a President of a country or a basement dweller.

I think the most reliable source of what the intangible rules are, is that small voice within all of us. Some call it conscience.

Once you start to override that voice consistently, it gradually stops its prompts altogether. Coversely, if more and more of your actions are guided by it, it gains strength and makes it almost impossible for you to lose the right track.


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