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Is Djokovic making more enemies than friends, with his impersonations?

Posted by tennisplanet on September 2, 2007

I cannot imagine Nadal and Nalbandian going crazy over it, and they have a following.

It is obvious Djokovic is a very ambitious guy and badly wants to rule, not just the tennis world, but also everything else that comes with it, like Federer. He wants the sponsors, adoring fans, the works.

He found a short cut with these impersonations and it has carried him a ways, but it has come with some ruffled feathers. Unless his on-court performance lives up to the hype, it might come back to bite him.

He has some big shoes to fill in many respects, but that’s the beauty of work. If you can perform your job with unparallel skill, the public is often willing to overlook and forgive most or all of your mistakes.

He seems to firmly believe that he has taken care of Nadal, as far as any legitimate threat to his goal of being No. 1 is concerned. He just sees Federer as the only mountain to climb.

Finding that mountain too steep, he is employing and will investigate other avenues and short cuts to conquer and win. Those may include using the press, media and his coaches. He doesn’t want to be another Roddick or even a Nadal, who are breathing in the wrong century.

I hope there is a Federer-Djokovic meeting here. Not just another meeting, but a match that unequivocally decides, what really do the fans make of the Montreal result.

Can it be decided in two meetings? Not likely. I sense an infuriated Federer, coming out like an awaken giant, to reassert his domination and put the upstart in his place. But if Federer lets his anger and frustration get too much in the way, he might not be able to deliver what he really wants to dish: a thumping.

Now, if only someone can insitgate these three jokers to start talking trash, we will become mainstream sport. Add some sex, violence and drugs, and tennis is back.

Djokovic, Federer gave you a cold shoulder at the Montreal award ceremony. Did you see the difference in how he behaves with Nadal, after he loses to him vs losing to you. That is unacceptable. You deserve better. It is so unfair.

My job is done here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey, I am just doing my part.


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