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Is Federer, Woods friendship working for or against them?

Posted by tennisplanet on July 22, 2007

When fierce competitors meet, specially the greatest ones of their generation and maybe the best ever, it generates intense heat. Add to it, the fact that every freaking newspaper or magazine compares them on a daily basis.

Federer is behind by one with 11 majors. Woods has 12. But Woods missed the last major to an obese 100 years old man, and is now in the hole at the British Open, with no chance of winning it.

No matter what they say out loud, none of them hear the word ‘lose or no’ a lot. So when they are pitted against each other, that creates a whole new dimension to the rivalries, they have in their respective sport.

Now you have transcended all that and are fighting for the ‘best athlete of your generation’ title. That has to add to the already immense pressure at that level.

Well, sometimes the pressure is good, and sometimes it becomes an obstacle. Some thrive in it and some collapse. This is coming from outside, though. But pressure is pressure.

They are both thinking of each other everytime they are at a major, despite what they say to the press.

With Woods now a new father, it takes it to a whole new level.

In international stature, Woods is much larger than Federer. There is a reason he was in the middle, in that Gillette commercial. So most of the pressure is on Woods, not to lose to a ‘lesser’ athlete. But Federer cannot be totally clean from it, though.

He is not the one to accept the second position, specially when such a huge title is at stake. I think it is the first time in the history of sports, when athletes from two totally different sports, are compared and are competing for a title that has nothing to do with their own sport.

Psychologically, it puts you in a unique platform, that can either help you soar even higher or gravitate you to earth.

So far this year, both would have liked to have seen better results, but Federer seems to be ahead this season and overall. Specially considering, he has a much less of a time span to break the all-time records, and is, what, five years younger.

Some might question the mere logic of considering golf as a sport. How about having both of them compete against each other in both golf and tennis, after three months of preparation?

Wouldn’t that be a joke? Woods would probably perish on the court. Federer’ golf will easily surpass Wood’s performance on the tennis court. You think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can some other sports throw up some competitors, please. Or are you all dead?


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