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Will surpassing 14 majors will be as routine as was No. 7 in years past?

Posted by tennisplanet on July 17, 2008

It’s been barely six years that No. 14 was reached by Sampras and there’s already talk of at least two clowns surpassing that in the next few years – one next year. Last time someone got to No. 12 was back in 1967- over 40 freaking years ago. It was Roy Emerson from Australia.

Is it possible, now that the goal post has shifted, that No. 10 will become routine and whoever sets up No. 15 or 16 will have no guarantee that it will stand too long? You think!!!!!!

You think Djokovic is thinking No. 8? No way!!! He is at least at 10 if not more. It reminds me of that instance when the 10 second mark in the 100 meters was considered impossible for decades. But once it was broken, sprinters surpassed that ‘impossible’ every freaking year to now when it’s just routine.

Does that mean that next superstar of tennis will be even more dazzling and dominating than Federer? Duh!!!! There’s no way anyone can pass Federer’s records with just matching Federer’s brilliance. There has to be a huge quantum jump to eclipse the carnage left by Federer.

And will the gap between the superstars reduce as technology, court surfaces and rules evolve? I mean will the next Federer appear sooner. Maybe the guy is already on the courts. Just hasn’t burst into his own like Sampras and Federer did ‘late’ in their career.

Hey, it’s me. But I have said that to myself for sometime now. Positive thinking is not what it’s cracked up to be. How come I am not there yet, then? This psychobabble BS is all fraud.

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