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Letter to Djokovic’s mom.

Posted by tennisplanet on February 10, 2008

Dear Dijana,

If you haven’t figured this out yet, you are proving to be a disgrace and a laughing stock of the sports world for your out of whack remarks and antics.

Do you even have enough marbles to know if you are helping or hurting your son? Or do you need a psychic to uncover that for you? You are not the first mom whose son just won the first Grand Slam of his career. So that ‘doting mom’ crap goes out the door. Yet you are proving to be No. 1 mom in many other categories, not really coveted too zealously by most moms.

Or is that your way of proving to your son how ‘against the grain’ way you are willing to go, to support him to compensate for something you feel guilty of? Or is that how you portray yourself to be the better of the two parents in Djokovic’s eyes? Is the potential of those diamonds forcing this? Or is this just your normal self? Or is it because you now see the prospect of being able to support another child, and go for another shot at a daughter?

Are you freaking insane or delusional to not notice how popular Federer is? Even Nadal and his Neanderthal camp figured that out. Or is this a well thought out, your sick version of a psychological assault on Federer?

But you certainly have achieved the unthinkable: Beating Yuri as the most hated tennis, or is it the sports parent in the world. I would suggest ensuring that next time you step in that players’ box, you either have insurance or buy all the surrounding seats for fellow  lunatics. If you keep this up, you may very well become a security risk and be barred from all tennis tournaments.

Instead, check yourself in a mental facility at the earliest so you can learn to speak in public again.

There is no doubt you are going down as the most despised tennis mom in years. We don’t give a rat’s ass about it. What we are concerned about is that you are taking the whole freaking sport down with you. There is a reason why the spectators at a basketball game or a soccer game are different than tennis fans. And you are proving the rotten apple that’s ruining the whole apple cart.

Get the @#$% out of tennis and our hair on your own, or we will generate enough public opinion to make sure you are not allowed at any tennis events around the world. You think that’s impossible? Try us. If you don’t keep your trap shut from now on, the public outcry you will evoke will either set you right, or send you to where you belong – a mental asylum.

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