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Letter to Roddick.

Posted by tennisplanet on April 14, 2008

Dear Roddick,

What you are about to read will not be told to you by the clowns surrounding you for variety of reasons. Even your own family members will leave it at ‘you are sure you are doing the right thing?’. Reason why, can range from fear of losing the benefits that these jokers enjoy from your celebrity status and money to it’s his business with a huge pot in the middle.

You are making a big mistake by hooking up with this frivolous 20-year old. Statistically the marraige is destined for the rocks even before you decide to tie the knot. Most marriages of young people in their teens or early twenties end up in a divorce court. There is a huge pile of stats to substantiate that. Sure, you know of people who have succeeded despite violating this rule.

Yeah, and I know of a boy who fell from a ten storey building and lived. Does that mean every freaking boy should start jumping? If you are spurred to action by such people in minority without looking at the complete canvas, then you deserve what’s inevitable.

Just pull anyone from the street and give a brief description of ‘barely out of teens’ doll of yours, and ask them if this is marriage material. Nine out of ten times you will receive an unequivocal NO. She has been almost or even actually nude who knows where and with whom. If you think this is what you will settle down with and live happily ever after and have kids, you have got to be out of your freaking mind.

Have you heard of some guy named Andre Agassi when he went on this phase and hooked up with Barbara Streisand and Brooke Shields to not only have his heart broken but also his career almost ruined?

You are a smart healthy male and I am appalled to see you making this knucklehead decision. I know from some of your comments at your pressers that you visit this site, which makes you a freak but not a knucklehead, yet.

If still all this is not enough, have you heard of Borg, McEnroe, Henin etc. lately? This is not the best time to be getting married with divorce rate hovering around 50 percent. And that’s when all cardinal rules of marriage have been followed. What you are getting into is like attempting to jump from that building, just because Tiger Woods or even Sampras have pulled it off, so far.

You are not even close to any one of them at ANY freaking plane. Why do you think Federer is not even engaged, forget about married, despite having a girl friend for eight freaking years? You think he is a smart guy and plans his life meticulously? You bet!!!!!!

Learn from a plethora of mistakes from people who have already walked the path you are on now, and get out of this mess because it turns into quicksand in a hurry.

Like I said, no one will tell you this, unless they really care for you and are not afraid of aggravating you for your own good.

Dodge a bullet NOW.

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