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What happens to life after tennis? Here is a glimpse.

Posted by tennisplanet on April 29, 2007


They say that the three most traumatic moments in a human being’s life are:

1. Moving.
2. Divorce and
3. Retirement.

We have also heard: the higher they go, the harder they fall.

Or how about: Familiarity breeds contempt.

Do all these mean anything to a retiring tennis player? You bet!!! 

Any wife will testify, that having the husband around the house, all day, when he retires, is a pain in the neck, to be polite. So let’s see what has been the track record of tennis players, who called it quits and went home.

Mariana Simionescu, Borg’s wife and fellow player supported all his details of being a player. Sounds familiar? All Borg did was sleep, practice and eat. But as soon as he retired, he left her and married a 17-year-old, whom he met while judging a wet T-shirt contest.

Borg is now 50 and lives like a recluse in Sweden.

Boris Becker. What do you think he was doing on the evening of his last match at Wimbledon, with his wife in the hospital delivering a baby. Rushing to be with her after the match, right? Wrong.

He somehow got stuck in a broom closet with a Russian model. Surprisingly, that resulted in a child, which would subsequently result in some other fun stuff. Like divorce!! And loss of a mere $20 million.

Idle mind is a devil’s workshop? Well, in this case it was more than just the mind.

Players who have tried to get away from their sport after retirement have suffered. You want to stay in the sport for the benefit of the sport but more importantly for your own sanity.

Need some examples? How about John McEnroe? You think he would be a half as sane a person, if he ventured in anything away from tennis. Maybe more on the lines of a car jacker, circus clown. A pickpocket?

You got to go back to the well, that satisfied your thirst, in some capacity. Brad Gilbert is a good example. He has found a good niche as a coach. He proved that old saying true, that a good player rarely becomes a good coach. Lot of future coaches out there!!!

Lendl tried golf for a long time but is gradually realizing he cannot break the age-old rule. He is slowly staggering back to reality.

Agassi is going crazy running in all directions, from his foundation to starting a luxury hotel at resorts to raising money with Oprah. That is typical of a man just retired. He feels embarrassed, being home watching TV and picking kids up from school and running errands, ordered by his other half. He can see the message in the eyes of his wife and kids. Your own house starts to turn on you.

Sampras went through his motions, with diapers and golf, and is now slowly coming around. No one is immune to this bug, its just that the tennis players get bit so early in their life, that it leaves them disoriented and heading towards dementia in their youth.

We all dream of the day when we will retire and will do whatever we want, right? Newsflash for all you dreamers: More and more people are staying in the workforce these days, despite their advanced age and its not mainly because of the money. Its to remain sane and healthy. 

So love it up, you clones, whatever it is, you are being ‘forced’ to do now.  

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