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Mental games on the tennis court.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 18, 2007


-Radwanska standing inside the service box, to receive Sharapova’s second serve at this year’s US Open.

-Nadal taking his own sweet time, at the coin toss, service line, changeover etc.

-Nadal jumping up and down in the locker room, right before going into the tunnel.

-Roddick refusing to sit down for changeover. Instead stands at the service line, waiting for his opponent. Like he did against Federer at this year’s US Open. It makes the other guy look like a fool, with all eyes on his every movement, on the chair.

-Bathroom break, right after losing a set, or your service game. Sharapova. Duh!!!

-Picking a fight with the chair umpire, to cause disruption in the momentum and focus of your opponent. John McEnroe?

-Using the crowd to alienate and isolate the opponent. Connors?

-Keep even demeanor irrespective of the score, to mask your desperation on the one hand, and increase desperation for your opponent on the other. Borg, Sampras, Federer?

-Reduce time between points, thereby making the opponent uncomfortable. Agassi, Graf?

-Use media to demoralize opponent. McEnroe, Connors?

-Kill with kind words. Nadal on Federer?

-Posturing and directing fist pumps at opponent, along with direct and open eye contact, to intimidate. Serena against Sharapova?

-Injury time outs, along with protracted massages. Mary Pierce, Djokovic?

-Jump like a boxer at the coin toss, and then make a run for the baseline like a soccer player. Nadal?

-Excessive ball toss. Djokovic?

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