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More tough questions.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 12, 2007


Yuri and pova.

-What else do we have to do, to get you to leave our country, with your bratty gold digging daughter? We are willing to buy the one-way ticket. Go back where you came from.

-Why are your lips shrinking at this rapid pace? Will you be using another hole for smiling?

-Does cheating run in your family? Great way to raise kids with principles and morals.

-We call you greedy? Rebuttal?



-How dumb do you have to be to not change your strategy during the match, when you are losing with the one being used? Specially, after every one who can spell the word ‘tennis’, has said it in a chorus, a million times.

-When are you going to give up on worshipping Federer, instead of playing him on the court?

-Why do you walk around on the court, posturing like a wrestler? You are not scaring anyone.

-Why are you bent on shaving your head? Have you gone bald already? Because if you think, that makes you look handsome or intimidating, you are smoking the wrong stuff.



-How many ways, and times, do we have to tell you, for it to sink in with you: You are not beautiful, not even close. Don’t fake it, it makes it even worse. Get a photo of Beyonce to face reality, and get out of freaking denial. And that swinging, girlie walk only works when you are not morbidly obese.

-Taking off your clothes and posing for magazines, does not make you an actress in Hollywood. Get freaking real.



-You need to hire a grooming and ‘putting on’ clothes specialist, ASAP. No wonder you are divorced. How did you get him to say yes in the first place? Have you ever had sex?

-Get some dental work and a boob job, while you are in the body shop. How can you just let it go? Don’t you need to work harder, if you don’t have the natural goods? Look at Jankovic.

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