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The most disgraceful couple in sports.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 25, 2007

Greg Norman and Chris Evert arrive at the 13th Annual Lou Gehrig Sports Award Benefit in New York, Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2007.  

Both lunatics left their nearly 20 years of marriage, for this extra marital affair. I think, both had minor children, I know, Evert had, for sure, whom they put through the torture, just because they wanted a new bed partner.

You can understand if your partner is abusive, or is a drug addict, or is cheating on you, but to break such a long term relationship just because of a freaking variety, and ruin so many lives in the process? What a pathetic existence.

And to have the audacity to show up at public events, as if nothing ever happened? Ask the poor kids who are hurting, and are on their way to be the future car thieves, drug smugglers etc.

For cave-people, the guy is Greg Norman, the golf player.

You can be sure to see these two burning in hell, very soon – after they have had enough burning on this earth.

Shameless and immoral jerks.

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