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My fondest tennis memories. What are yours?

Posted by tennisplanet on April 16, 2007

1) You all know, Borg won five consecutive Wimbledon championships. Every time he won, his standard MO was to bend his knees to the ground and fold his hands up to his face, while looking up to the sky.

Well, a magazine ( I’m forgetting the name) captured this moment all five times. But the amazing part was: they noticed the same 9 to14-year old girl in a wheel chair in the front row behind Borg, all five times.

2) When Sampras and Agassi clashed in the 2002 US Open finals, Sampras for a change was the underdog. He had not won anything for over a year and the crowd was feverishly cheering him on at every point. Everyone wanted him to win his 14th Grand Slam.

At 4 games a piece in the fourth set, Sampras broke Agassi for 5-4 lead. Sampras had already won two sets. He was now going to be serving for the championship. When Agassi lost the last point on his serve and realized what has happened, he looked at Sampras intently, expecting a celebration from his opponent.

Sampras did nothing at all and nonchalantly started walking to his chair for the break. Agassi did not stop looking at him and Sampras felt the pressure and at the last minute raised his fist to his face, just to give Agassi the respect.

Sampras realized if he had just kept walking without any emotion, that would have been like rubbing salt in the wound or more like adding insult to injury. Agassi, noticeably relieved, after forcing the reaction, removed his gaze from Sampras and plopped in his chair, to face the inevitable.

Sampras of course won his service game and his 14th Grand Slam.

3) Federer and Hewitt at Indian Wells in the finals. They get into a rally and it keeps going. No one is willing to give it up. It finally ends on the 47th shot with Hewitt winning the point after hitting Federer’s return on to the open court, since Federer was almost out of the court. Hewitt falls down on the court. The fans give both of them a standing ovation for five minutes. Players could not play because the fans would not stop applauding.

Hewitt lost the match, but said “At least, I won something”.

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