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Nadal vs Borg: First three titles at Roland Garros.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 3, 2007


Here are some numbers for the first three titles at RG for these two clowns. 

Borg lost in the fourth round, in his first attempt at Roland Garros. Nadal won it in his first attempt. First three RG for Borg were not consecutive. For Nadal they were.

Look at the freaking money Nadal has already made. Almost four times, what Borg made in his entire career. Borg bageled a lot more, but also received one bagel. Nadal is yet to receive a bagel.

Keep in mind Borg, accomplished that impossible feat of winning Wimbledon and RG back to back, three consecutive years-78, 79 and 80. Nadal has come close twice.

Borg won 61 career titles. Nadal has 23 so far.

BTW Borg was born on 6 June, 1956 and Nadal on 3 June, 1986. Reminds you of some other two birthdays?

Joker 3 sets 4 sets 5 sets Bagels dished Tie-breaks Career earnings Career RG titles
Nadal 13 7 0 3 5 12,681,374 3
Borg 16 2 3 9 2 3,655,751 6
Title won Age-Nadal Age-Borg
1st 19 yrs 18 yrs
2nd 20 19
3rd 21 22

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