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Where does Nadal stand against the legends, at 20 years.

Posted by tennisplanet on March 25, 2007


Nadal has had a remarkable career so early in life. There are very few parallels in the history of the game, for what he has accomplished so quickly. Is this an indication of what is in store for us? Or will some tennis experts, who predict an early burn out due to injuries, be proven right.

However you slice it, there is no denying he is a huge talent, and can only get better, with so many areas still not up-to par, specially his showing on faster courts. Will he be able to shirk off the ‘clay court specialist’ label and master other surfaces? We have seen some glimpses of that, in the early part of last year, when he won three hard court titles, overcoming the master himself, Federer.

Here is a comparison with other legends in the game. The stats are up-to the last month, when the players turned 21. So Nadal still has about 3 months, to add to his total.

Age Name Country Titles Majors Ranking
20 Roger Federer Switzerland 4 0 13
Pete Sampras USA 10 1 8
Björn Borg Sweden 23 3 4
Rafael Nadal Spain 18 2 2
Mats Wilander Sweden 20 4 4
Andre Agassi USA 9 0 4
Ivan Lendl USA & Czech 0 0 6
John McEnroe United States 17 0 4

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