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Nadal’s patience has paid rich dividends with fans.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 20, 2007

Remember, how much fans worldwide, hated Nadal, in the first few years after he burst on the scene?

Nadal did not panic, and kept up his courteous and respectful ways, despite open provocation from many, including Djokovic, Ljubicic, and even Federer.

He chose to provide his sharp response on the court. That pleasant demeanor, may have looked manufactured and rehearsed, to his detractors. But it is amply clear by now, that he is a humble and respectful human being. That’s saying a lot, since he has kept it up since his teenage years, whereas others in similar boat have committed suicide (Murray, Djokovic?).

Fans are particularly enamoured, with his graceful and magnanimous comments and the in-sync body language, after his losses, even if they are as heart breaking, as the one at Wimbledon.

Although, Djokovic’s rise and his defiance of Federer, may have played into it, Nadal still deserves ample credit for being a worthy and exemplary model for the younger generation.

It has been so good, that it is difficult to think of a single instance, where he lost it and said something out of place, both on and off the court.

Bravo, Nadal. We truly appreciate it and value it even more in today’s world. Good job.

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