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Prediction on Nadal – Wimbledon title window closed FOREVER two weeks ago.

Posted by tennisplanet on July 22, 2007

This was Nadal’s best shot at winning the prestigious Wimbledon title. Despite Federer serving 24-1 aces, Nadal was clearly more dominant during the rallies specially as the match progressed.

With a wounded and tired Djokovic, and Murray out of the event, Nadal had a mini break. Up 15-40 twice in the fifth set, that is the closest he will ever come to winning Wimbledon.

With new and vastly improved Djokovic and Murray for the remainder of his career, it is difficult to imagine reaching the finals again. Even an out-of-sorts Roddick can be a huge obstacle for him on grass.

Besides, he is bound to have a full clay-court season for the rest of his career. With just about two weeks rest, to prepare at Wimbledon every year, many more ‘knee-like’ scenarios are likely to be played out on Wimbledon courts.

Unless he is willing to take the gamble with the his clay-court schedule, and improve various parts of the game including the serve, it is over for him.

There is a reason why winning Roland Garros and Wimbledon in the same year, is still considered the toughest duo in the tennis world. That both Federer and Nadal came so close to pulling it off, for the past two years, is testamont to their tennis prowess.

It is not the question of who will win first. Federer at the FO or Nadal at Wimbledon. It is whether Nadal will ever win Wimbledon, and second if Nadal will ever reach the No. 1 spot in the world.

Both are not easy to come by with his strong tilt towards clay. He is more likely to make some noise on the hard surface, if he discovers the word ‘pacing’ in the dictionary, anytime soon.

This is Uncle Tony’s job. This is where he has to step in, and manage the schedule, based on the results of the last few years, specially last year. I cannot believe he has not done anything about it already.

Wake up, Aunt Tony and don’t run your guy hard in the ground. You don’t have too many years to be experimenting and testing. Co-operate with the uniqueness of your student and don’t force the issue.

You have to make the schedule adjust to your strengths and weaknesses, and not the other way around. If your guy is so physical and that is his game, you need to throw the word ‘traditional’ out the window.

If you haven’t already noticed the result of that in the past few years, you need to consult with the cucumbers in the grocery mart.

Your job is not done yet. Just getting the guy to the No. 2, specially during Federer’s reign is commendable, but you want more, don’t you?

Open your freaking eyes and other body parts, and let in some freash air and the obvious. If not, start planning your siestas with aunt Tony.

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