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Is this how tennis fans feel, after Federer’s loss to Djokovic?

Posted by tennisplanet on January 25, 2008

First of all, freaks, we all have to be grateful for having witnessed the greatest run in tennis history if not the whole of sports. No matter where his career moves from here, Federer will always remain a very special person in our heart and mind.

He has conducted himself with the utmost of discipline and decorum to become a model to people worldwide. I have heard parents suggesting Federer to their kids as someone they would like them to emulate, and that’s not happened in a while, with no chance of it happening anytime soon.

Federer could have behaved like the worst (McEnroe), and would have still pulled it off, just on his talent and skill. He has transcended tennis and sports, to touch lives of people from practically every nation – some of whom have been hooked to tennis for life because of him.

As with anything in life, we need to dwell on what we received from his reign rather than cry over the sudden and inevitable end.

Federer, we tennis fans stand together to salute you for the happiness, purpose, hope and beauty you brought to the lives of so many people all over the world. We are proud to have you amongst us, and sincerely wish you even greater success as you gradually move away from tennis into other ventures. You’ll always remain in our hearts as the one athlete that meant to us more than just another tennis player.

We share your pain, and hope it will eventually work for your good in the long run. Rest assured that your win and loses have no bearing on how we hold you in our hearts as an exemplary human being, above anything else. We know you will bring the same grace and class to whatever you decide to pursue after tennis. You will always be our player, no matter what the result. Your brilliance attracted us to you, but your personality is what has created this unique and strong bond amongst us.

We love you and will always be there for you, no matter who wins what.

GO FEDERER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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