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Small acts of Federer making huge impact.

Posted by tennisplanet on April 26, 2007

They say it is the small things we ignore, that seem to speak the loudest. Federer seem to have heard that, somewhere. Here are some small random acts from him, that rival or maybe exceed, his huge charities and other works on a bigger canvas.

1. Whenever he has to change rackets during the match, he will run to his bag and run and not walk back (unlike practically every other player) to the baseline. Once at the baseline, he will wave his racket at his opponent lightly, to apologize for making him wait. Make a guess what others do!!!

2. You know, he was once a ballboy, right? If you don’t, here is something that might give it away. When he is receiving serve, sometimes the ball would end up on his side of the court, and the ball boy will try to hold it until the next point, before passing it over to the other side. Using the time, his opponent uses to get ready for the next point, he will ask for the ball from the ball boy and himself hit the ball to the ball boy on the other side.

3. Have you seen the players using the towel to wipe the face and hands at the baseline between points? Sure you have. Sometimes, noticing that the ball boy is too far behind, the player will drop the towel on the ground for the ball boy to pick up and place at its proper place. Roddick is the biggest culprit among others. Roger will always wait for the ball boy or will walk upto them to hand it over. Never dropping it on the floor.

4. If you are the ball boy / girl, you are at the bottom of the food chain. Who cares about you. You are insignificant – running around picking balls. What a menial job, right?

Not with Roger. He occasionally not only throws pizza parties for them, exclusively, but also attends them personally to the delight of these forgotten souls on the court. Imagine the happiness of these youngsters, to get recognition from none other than the undisputed king of the tennis world.

5. Sending that get-well-soon card to Blake in 2004, when he was in the hospital with a broken neck – you think Blake will ever forget that? Considering no other tennis player, even from his own country did that – will help burn it into his memory forever. Knowing that it is coming from the world’ No. 1 player and arguably the best ever in history, compounds the effectiveness of the gesture. This is when you are a virtual unknown in the tennis world with ATP ranking of No. 43. Are you freaking kidding me?

6. You all, by now, have read the great article on Federer in Sports Illustrated. Remember, when Federer asks the reporter waiting for him in the room, if he can take the bigger of the two chairs, since he is tired from the match?

The reporter is just dumbfounded and says in his article. “Hello? Roger? Monster sports Goliaths don’t ask. Monster sports Goliaths plop down in the big one, then put their feet up on the smaller one”.

6. Have you noticed some players making the opponent and the umpire wait for the coin toss before the start of the match? Whatever you are trying to achieve by that low tactic, dude, you are getting it at the expense of everything that is noble about the sport. You are dragging not only yourself, down the you-know-what, but you are taking the whole freaking sport with you.

Federer makes sure he is at the spot on time and sometimes scampers up to it, if he gets tied up.

Are you freaking kidding me?

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