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Spot the lunatic contest!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by tennisplanet on July 3, 2007

Brad Gilbert, left, coached Andre Agassi to six... 

Brad, pal, can you do this? SHUT THE @#$% UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You need attention? Go get it from your mom and dad. Please spare US from your outrageous and outlandish predictions, designed to hog the limelight.

Pal, you are losing it. But no worries. See, these days we have medication for such inflictions. In fact, we have built buildings to house such people and cure them. We call them ‘looni bins’. Media calls them mental hospitals. You will be OK in no time.

Are you missing the ridicule and humiliation, Murray inflicts on you everytime he plays? We are happy to fill in, but you see, if the target is ‘actually’ retarded, if takes the fun out of it.

Please look for your need elsewhere, and let us enjoy the game, without making ridiculous estimates, that reek of attention and limelight. Don’t worry, the constant change in your predictions can be cured too.

Get the @#$% out of our hair, PEELLLEUEEIDIESSSEE.

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