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Stop eating out, for crying out loud.

Posted by tennisplanet on March 25, 2008


Oh, you need to brag about it the next day to your friends that you ate at this fancy restaurant? Or are you so freaking lazy to not even care about your freaking health?

There have been numerable programmes on TV where the hidden camera has revealed gross infractions in the kitchens of even the most prestigious restaurants around the world.

Besides, most of the stuff is frozen with preservatives and chemicals anyway, to last the long journey it takes from its original destination to your freaking plate. Wouldn’t you want to eat fresh food?

Granted you cannot completely eliminate the pesticides and chemicals in food today, but you can minimize the affect, can’t you?

Or are you so freaking crazy to opt for taste over health? Sure, we all want to eat tasty food, but if it’s at the expense of healthy food, you are asking for it.

And I see, cars lined up at Taco Bells like they are giving it for free. And that’s after all these reports of rats found in the kitchen, and the sub par conditions inside the kitchen.

All this when you can get cheaper food from a grocery store and move your lazy behind to get it together.

It’s just setting up a routine once and it’s done.

You have the satisfaction of knowing exactly what you are eating, and that you have cleaned it up to your heart’s content.

Next time you go to a restaurant, just take a peek at the kitchen, and you will know how little time has been devoted to a patron’s health. It’s all about taste and how they can get you to come back again, without paying any attention to cleanliness.

Save money and your life – eat home prepared meals, for crying out loud.

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