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Tennis legends who could have done better.

Posted by tennisplanet on July 1, 2007

Who do you think among the greats could have had a better record?

The first name that springs to mind is Ivan Lendl. He won eight majors in all. But do you know, he also holds the record of eight straight freaking appearances in the US Open finals – a record that may never be broken. He won three of them.

Besides, he has the dubious distinction of being the only male player, who has won 6 or more majors, to have lost more Grand Slam finals than he has won. He reached 19, yes 19 Grand Slam finals, and he lost 11 and won 8 of them. Just winning 50 percent of them would have given him at least 13 majors.

Could he have done better? You think!!!!!!!!!!!

Losing five finals can always be improved. Just two more and he could have been among the elite at 10. Specially when he had the workers who built the US Open court, build the exact replica at his home. It is widely believed to be one of the main reason for his success there.

He also never won the Wimbledon title. With his legendary focus and physical regimen, it is inexcusable not to have conquered on all surfaces. Among all the legends, Lendl’s total commitment and dedication to his goals to the exclusion of practically every thing else, has to be second to none. Very few can match it.

All that, considering, he reached the Wimbledon finals twice.

Close second has to be Agassi. With his attraction for Hollywood broads, he took his foot off the pedal, and took a prolonged detour from the tennis trails. Although Sampras has something to say on how Agassi’s career ended, Agassi has to take the brunt of the blame for taking his talent for granted.

He could have easily surpassed at least 10 majors in his career. He did get a break when Sampras retired since he was able to win three of his majors after that.

Agassi reached 15 Grand Slam finals, winning just 8 of them.

He tried desperately to play catch up late in his career, but it was too late and his body gave up on him.

So compare these jokers’ numbers to these:

Lendl – 8 – 11(finals lost).
Agassi – 8 – 7.
Sampras – 14 – 4.
Borg – 11 – 5.
Emerson – 12 – 3.
Federer – 10 – 2.

Lendl and Agassi left a lot of money and hardware on the table.


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