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Whose victory dance do you enjoy / hate the most?

Posted by tennisplanet on October 5, 2007

Isn’t hate and Sharapova synonymous? That kiss, smile and twirling is so freaking fake. She might as well start panhandling. It wreaks of ‘I need more money’.

That Youzhny stunt is original, only because he is able to carry it since he is very personable and genuine. If you are just out of the cave, he puts his racket on his head and salutes.

Federer’s looks quite majestic. He says it without begging for it – in line with the rest of his act. Class.

Agassi’s was quite sincere too, although too winded. But that sincerity card will take you past a lot of stuff.

Sampras was quite dignified too. Class all the way.

Serena starts to get so bent out of shape it appears she is on the catwalk at a fashion show in Paris. Cut out the fake theatrics out, PPPLLLLLEAAASE.

Ivanovic’s seems she truly appreciates the applause and is humble. Good one.

Roddick’s says I did it and I deserve it and I know you like it. But it’s still not offensive because of his demeanor.

Jankovic’s smile takes all the venom of bad looks, whatever, and instantly transforms her into that lovable cute girl who is happy to be there.

Nadal’s is truly sincere and appreciative of the crowd applause. Very humble and likable.

Venus’s Wimbledon victory dance or endless hop, after she beat Davenport in the finals, is straight from a 8-year old girl’s mind. Spontaneous and a beauty to watch.

Djokovic’s says I knew I would win, it was a foregone conclusion. What’s the big deal? It sits on the borderline. If the titles stop coming it might slip on the other side of the fence. So far it is tolerable, considering what he has achieved this year.

Borg’s was straight for the Gods. He appeared to instantly contact God before he acknowledged any applause. Very humble as usual.

McEnroe’s was what is all this commotion about. I told you it was mine last year. Calm freaking down. You cannot be serious.

You’ve got more?

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