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Wawrinka and a new guy claim responsibility for Federer’s mono.

Posted by tennisplanet on March 10, 2008

Both have admitted to possibly infecting Federer with the mono virus last December during the break.

“We were playing video games and Mirka went in to take a shower and then one thing just led to another” said Wawrinka. “But if this other guy is telling the truth then I feel betrayed just like Mirka. This is a clear case of cheating and paying the price for it. I wish he had kept it within the triangle. But it’s out and no one is the winner. I have lost trust in everyone now”.

The other guy whose name is being withheld because of the nature of the case confessed to ‘messing’ around with Federer. He said “Federer was the initiator, when they met briefly at a local tennis court. Sparks were flying all over at our first meeting. You see that photo above? I was shocked to feel Federer’s hand on my bare waist so early in the conversation. So much so that my right hand jumped away from Federer’s shoulder, as you can see. When we went into the locker room, Federer just couldn’t resist leading to something I am ashamed of. I think it was sexual harassment.”

Some other members of the community have also come out with similar stories, but they are still being investigated to be considered authentic. It appears Federer used his celebrity AND financial status to indulge in these questionable activities.

Authorities also traced a call to Federer from Michael Jackson on how he was able to pull it off for so long without detection. Apparently some useful tips were exchanged. The whole conversation is on tape now, pending legal clearance before it is made public.

During questioning neighbors are consistently saying the same thing “A bad deed will eventually bring it’s equivalent reward, sooner or later.”


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