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What ails our world?

Posted by tennisplanet on June 20, 2007

I think 90 percent of our problems – drugs, violence, sex, you name it – are here because of the breakdown of a critical unit, called the family.

Family is the smallest unit, out of which emanate the neighborhood, the city, the town, the county, the state, the country and the world. It is, if you will, the foundation of the whole structure, we build our life on, whether it is social, professional, cultural, religious, you freaking name it.

When that unit is violated, it sends a shiver down the whole building, cracking it in places, which are at times irrepairable.

That’s not such a revelation. If you have a pea brain, you know that for a fact.

But why is it, that this critical a part, is so easily undone. Specially when we are aware of how deeply it can impact practically every facet of our life.

I think, it is breach of the natural system in place, from our creator, that sends everything in a tailspin.

Have you ever noticed the animal kingdom closely? They follow a very rigid and controlled set of rules, generation after generation. For instance, the lions – I just freaking love them.

You will very rarely see a male lion participate in a kill or a chase. You will never see the females defend the pride, if it is in danger from any freaking thing. Within the whole pride, there is a clear and strictly defined pecking order, based on rules which only they know. The role and function of each individual of the pride, is known to everyone and is on open display, when the pride moves in for the kill.

There is a set strategy, that is followed with each unit doing its part, to bring the prey down. Nothing is haphazard.

Nature has bestowed certain specific set of faculties to each member, to enable them perform their job in the pride efficiently. Females are nuturing and caring by nature and males are dominating and physical.

Do you think that is accidental? No, it’s what nature intended them to do and to facilitate that function, it has provided adequate tools to complete their part of the cycle effectively.

The freaking point is this: Man and woman are subject to the same laws of nature. The only difference is, that the creator has given us the option to choose. In fact, he has given us many options, but the road we chose comes with a set of consequences, unlike in the animal kingdom.

If we had not been given the option, we all would have been angels. Angels have no option.

But with this privelege comes the responsibility of being discreet in selecting our options in life. That is the reason for the existence of Hell and Heaven. That’s the big picture, for you.

But back to our unit. Contemplate the answer to this question: Anywhere in the world, in any religion, any community, any freaking anywhere, have you ever seen a male teacher in a kindergarden or nursery school? Stop and think that for a moment.

Sure, you haven’t. Why do you think that is?

Man and woman, like the animal kingdom, have been blessed with a certain unique set of qualities and faculties, physically, emotionally, mentally, psychologically or any other ‘ally’ you can think of.

They are there, to enable the individual perform the assigned task in the most efficient manner. To illustrate the point, go back to that nursery school for toddlers. Just try and place a male teacher there, and you will find that he will go insane beyond recognition in one day. He is still part of the human race, but he can only function most effectively when his natural abilities and talents are best utilised.

So if you agree on that, we can proceed to the next logical conclusion. The family unit is built by our creator to sustain and provide for, everyone involved. Each member has a certain role alongwith a set of tools to execute and thereby take care of other members of the unit.

Man has been endowed with extreme competitive nature to survive the ‘fittest’ test to bring home the bread. Woman has the emotional and kinder role to nurture the kids and make the nest comfortable. Why do you think little boys gravitate towards toys like trucks, bats etc and the little girls go for the dolls and the cute stuff.

Nobody told them that. It is in the DNA, inserted by our creator for the smooth functioning of the world.

Whenever that natural balance is disturbed for a sustained period of time, due to whatever reason(s), the ultimate result is the eventual disintergration of the unit.

Once the unit is disbanded, each is left to fend for himself or herself, without the safety net provided by our creator. That’s when the devil goes to work, and all kinds of unhealthy and unscruplous doors begin to open for the members.

The worst hit are the youngsters. Without the constant supervision and guidance of the adults in their life, coupled with immature and not-fully-formed brains, they fall prey to illegal and nefarious activities.

There is now mountain of evidence linking criminals to broken homes.

So this polluted stream that enters our small unit, quickly permeates the other branches that it is linked to, like the neighborhood, the town, the city, the state and the country.

What is the result? Overcrowding in our jails. Did you know the crimes, which were considered horrendous for a 25 year man few years ago, are now being routinely performed by 16-year olds?

Do you see the whole picture?

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