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What is the number, Federer has in his mind?

Posted by tennisplanet on October 26, 2007

If you have ever owned your own business, or have ever been in sales, you know, that number in your mind, is all powerful. There is a reason, why most tennis players ended up around eight Grand Slams. That has been the standard for most of the open era, until Sampras shattered it.

You subconscious mind will bring to fruition whatever you have in there. This has been proved scientifically, over a million times, to preclude any debate on it. It is a fact, not an opinion, anymore. Your subconscious mind never goes to sleep. It works with what you feed it. Heard of ‘garbage in garbage out’?

People who succeed control what goes inside their subconscious mind, by constantly feeding positive thoughts, and consciously avoiding negative thoughts to gain entry, to this fertile soil. Visualization and affirmation out loud, are some tools to affect that part of the mind.

Lendl failed at those 11 freaking Grand Slam finals, more because of that number (8), he had in his mind, that any deficiencies in his game or talent. Only Borg, had gone passed that number, and it was considered a huge aberration. So, logically, getting to number eight, would get you to at least among the greats of the game.

Wasn’t ten the number during the ‘shut era’? Emerson 13, Laver 11, Tiden 10, Perry 8.

It needs mental courage to see past the norm that has been set for decades. To shatter it, you got to be a warrior, beyond excellence, psychologically.

This was also the reason, why Sampras failed, for over two years, to win anything, after he had equalled the all-time record of 13 Grand Slams. If the press had not hounded him so mercilessly and degraded his wife, as being the reason for his decline, Sampras would have called it quits after that. That No. 14 was not in his make up. It was manufactured by the media and his pride and ego. He wanted to shut everyone up, and leave with his pride intact, after being thrown under the bus with his wife.

That, number eight, was also in Agassi, and he would not give up, despite apparent deterioration of his physical body, until he got there. Subconscious mind will find a way. Actually the most efficient way, to get what you have fed into it.

Agassi’s only win at Roland Garros, may have sprung more out of his desire, to go one up on Sampras, in some way, than any other wish. He knew, number of Grand Slam wins was beyond him, by then. Subconscious mind delivered.

There have been numerous instances, where the performance of an athlete, suddenly dips inexplicably after a certain landmark, or threshold. Or an athlete will achieve the impossible despite the whole world against him. That’s nothing but the normal and natural working of the subconscious mind.

Go back into your own miserable lives, and you will easily be able to pick out instances where your mind delivered, what you have been stroking for a long time. It could be negative or positive. Subconscious mind doesn’t differentiate. It just works with whatever you feed into it. Both negative and positive thoughts are processed the same way.

That’s why you see some people, who are mired into despair, for life. All they are doing is feeding depressing, negative thoughts into the human computer. The computer is just being a perfect genie. You ask and it will deliver.

Federer’s subconscious has that number, up there. Both for the number of Grand Slams and the number of Wimbledon titles. Is it 14 or 15 or 18 (as most pundits have predicted)?

But without doubt, when that number is eclipsed, the graph will fall like a hot potato. That will have nothing to do with anything else, although all those things will seem like a reasonable excuse for the demise. We know, for certain, Sampras’s number was 13, since up until then, he was on cruise control, keeping up all his career averages.

We know, the number for Wimbledon was not four, since it was pure, rich and simple, subconscious mind at play, in that fifth set. Everything on that court, that day, was orchestrated to prove the inevitability and the dead certainty, of what the mind can accomplish. There was nothing Nadal could have done, against such a powerful force.

The mind does not recognize, ‘as many Grand Slams as possible’. It zeroes in at the specific number, and then goes on to harmonize everything else around, to find the shortest route to that destination.

In years to come, we will discover, that our mind is so much powerful than it is assumed to be today. Initial findings are so powerful, that our physical self will be relegated to a very lowly place in the food chain. The discovery and its subsequent acceptance will revolutionize everything we have today. From cars to airplanes to tennis.

Dare your mind to achieve for you, what hitherto, you have thought impossible, and be ready to get astounded. It never fails. What the human race will achieve, after these findings are executed, will trigger a quantum jump for mankind, that will make the advances humans have made in the last century, look minuscule.

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