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What is the ONE thing, these tennis jokers are most known for, the world over?

Posted by tennisplanet on December 12, 2007

OK, maybe ONE or TWO. Don’t push it.

Federer: Domination.

Nadal: Butt picking.

Djokovic: Arrogance.

Murray: Disrespectful to his coach.

Davydenko: Has no life. Always on the court.

Ferrer: Running. You know, there’s a thing called marathon?

Roddick: Pressers.

Blake: Enlarged booty and stubbornness.

Gasquet: Poor fitness. Should be called bouquet.

Nalbandian: Fattest, overweight, ‘not a tennis body’  joker on the tour.

Robredo: His nude photo.

Gonzalez: Forehand. Shouldn’t other body parts be donated for better use? They are just sitting there. He is not using anything other than the right hand, and maybe one more part.

Berdych: That Shhhhh sign he made to the fans.

Canas: His girl friend. Isn’t that a hint that you are not in the right career, if your two day, fair weather, girl friend gets you more publicity than what you do?

Baghdatis: Ex-girl friend. How did he make her say yes?

Ljubicic: His strange service motion. BTW, was this dude ever young, or was he born old?

Moya: Friend of Nadal. Isn’t it time to rethink your career, if that’s what you are known for most, when you are still an active player on the tour?

Hewitt: Brother who changed sex to cash in on female body building. Reason: Too much competition across the isle.

Karlovic: Sole purpose on earth: Ruin tennis.

Stepanek: Distorted male mermaid.

Santoro: Guile. Should have been a lawyer.

Safin: Good looks and shameful waste of talent.

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