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What will these jokers do after they retire?

Posted by tennisplanet on June 12, 2008

Federer: Marry? Gay marriages will become legal by then.

Djokovic: Politician.

Nadal: Fitness center.

Roddick: ?

Blake: Keep writing books. Next one about breaking mediocrity.

Bryan brothers: Marry twin sisters to produce the largest twin family.

Ferrer: Star in Shrek movie sequels while reading books to overcome his social phobia.

Stepanek: Clinic to  bone hot chicks without marrying.

Baghdatis: Pirate.

Fish: Swimming?

Karlovic: ‘How to choose the right career’ books.

Davydenko: Finally join his clan in the animal kingdom.

Querrey: Any profession where face is not visible. Telemarketer?

Hewitt: ?

Nalbandian: Big and Tall Big stores.

Gasquet: ?

Youzhny: Army of any sort?

Verdasco: Anything that can be performed with one hand, preferably ‘fore’ hand?

Gonzalez: ?


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