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Is the next tennis superstar already on the horizon?

Posted by tennisplanet on July 30, 2007

When Sampras won his last title in 2002, Federer was already there on the tour. And when Borg retired in 1981, within just seven years, Sampras turned pro. In each of those eras, records were set which seemed almost impossible to break. Or records that will, at least, stand for some time to come. No one expected, at least, records like five straight Wimbledon titles or 14 Grand Slams to be shattered so quickly.

Hank Aron’s 755 home run record was considered untouchable. Not only will Bonds break that, Alex Rodriguez is already on the horizon to better whatever Bonds does now.

Then, Jack Nickolaus’s record of 18 majors in golf is up on the chopping block already.

Is that old adage standing its ground ‘All records are meant to be broken’?

Is the the next superstar already amongst us or is he yet to be born. Or is he on the tour already, and has not unlocked the door yet like Federer?

Going by what history provides us as precedent, it is virtually impossible to predict. Borg, Sampras or Federer – neither of them made any major noise right after they got on the tour. But once they got going, it was just business as usual. Borg may have had the most signs of early stardom than any of the other two. Nadal seems to be mirroring that trend.

But it appears that there seems to be one match, that has proven to be a turning point for both Sampras and Federer. So it was more mental and psychological than a sudden burst of physical talent.

Is that player already banging away on the tour or is he still at the ‘garage door’ stage. Based on the trend, it is difficult to imagine that this special player is not born yet.

Can you freaking imagine what this guy has to produce, to break the records already in place after Federer is done with his freaking display?

Maybe the technology influx and ‘level the playing field’ drama with the Grand Slam surfaces, will play some role in the years to come. Nevertheless, it will require some special ‘kahunas’ to win eight some Wimbledons and over 16 Grand Slams.

Is someone about to burst on the scene, or has that already happened?

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