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Why Americans dominate!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by tennisplanet on July 3, 2007

OK, this is not about ‘conflict of interest’, I am going to state just facts. There is no emotion there, is there?

Why is it that we Americans win the most medals at every freaking Olympics? Last Olympics, I think we cleared over 100 medals for the time in the history of the crap.

Most nations among the top bracket have the same technology and stuff. So it’s not that we have some special lotion or special freaking exercise machines.

Look at tennis, name the top tennis players and 90 percent are Americans. Sampras, Agassi, McEnroe, Connors, Courier etc. And that’s just from the last couple of decades. So why are we not dominating in tennis again?

Well, we have lost interest in the sport. We now realize it is a sissy sport with no contact and any freaking body can play it. If you are not over 6″5″ and 250 lbs, we don’t even consider you an athlete anymore.

See, we need to be recognized as ‘manly and macho’ to be playing a certain sport. We don’t get that from tennis. You will never see the likes of Sampras, McEnroe and Connors again. It’s over. No one wants to be called a pussy.

At an interview of Sharapova, Letterman told her that tennis is not really a sport, it’s just a novelty.

And we like ‘contact’. We are testosterone driven lunatics, who love the American football, basketball and baseball.

Just look at boxing. We dominated the sport for centuries and now we are tired of it. Besides we can make more money and at an early age in other sports and still live to enjoy it without Parkinson’s.

So you ask why we get beaten at World basketball and baseball events? Well, it is boring for us and we lose interest. It’s like Federer playing Bjorkman at Wimbledon finals.

The world cannot match the talent we have, not even close. Besides, winning these world events is not enough motivation. Winning the NBA championship rings a better ring with us.

Sure some of these European teams might have beaten us. But if they tried playing for an NBA championship, it will be called child abuse. Can you imagine playing against the likes of Bryant, Duncan, Shaq, LeBron, Nash etc. It will be brutal.

Once we take a sport seriously, you can bet your ass we will whip the world into submission. So why have we not done that with our soccer team?

Because we just don’t get it. You play for two hours just kicking the ball around in mid-field and the end result is a draw? Or there is just one or two moments of euphoria.

We are high on drugs and we need immediate gratification.

Don’t believe it? Just convince us of any new sport to be entertaining and if we take it up, the rest of the world is toast. Guaranteed.

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