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Why do the players’ parents become their coaches?

Posted by tennisplanet on August 26, 2007

Specially when you cannot even spell the word tennis. Like Serena’s mother, Donald Young’s mother, delusional Yuri etc.

Is it to keep the money in the family?

What else can it be?

Is that the motivation behind Federer’s reasoning not to have a coach? Why should he pay someone, out of his hard earned cash, when he is got almost 99 percent of the goods? Cannot fight that.

It is not like sales, where any sale you make will be yours. Even winning the FO for Federer cannot be attributed to a great degree to what the coach does. Certainly not enough to compensate him for what he will eventually get. Wouldn’t you do that too, if you were in his shoes?

But that apart, I don’t get this parent thing. Maybe, it is preventing the kid to move to the next level. Auntie Tony, are you there?

What’s next? Blake’s mom?

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