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Why do players freaking do this?

Posted by tennisplanet on June 29, 2007

Have you noticed when the players are going to their chair between sets, they will stand and wait, for the ball boy to bring the towel to them, on their way to the chair.

Are you freaking kidding me!!!!!!!!!!

Memo: That rule, when you cannot sit on your chair without the towel, is still not on the freaking books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Memo: The towel threads have not yet been woven with gold and diamonds. So if the ball boy runs away with yours, you can ask for a freaking replacement.

Memo: Towels have been complaining that they have been treated as personal property and are getting undue and unsolicited attention. It is borderline harassment.

Keep freaking walking, will you? The ball boy is running with your towel towards you. You don’t freaking have to stand or turn your neck for it. Just park your ass and you will get the towel.

Use that energy to concentrate on why you are losing, instead of worrying about your ‘security’ towel.

Next time, there will be a mild warning and the towel will be replaced with thin tissues. Thin tissues have thick skin anyways.

What do you do to these poor towels when you are alone with them?

Are you freaking kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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