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Why do you have to freaking cover your mouth, when your back is towards the opponents?

Posted by tennisplanet on July 2, 2007

Vensu Williams (left), Sernea Williams (right)

Are you freaking kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s not that the public is going to first read your lips from the opposite end, and then stand up and shout out your ‘secret’ strategy to the whole world.

You freaking have your back towards your opponents!!!!!!!!!! 

Oh, you think, they have planted special lip readers across the court to decipher your strategy, and then use sign language to convey it to your rivals. Yeah, now it makes sense!!!!!!!!!!

You are not fooling anyone.

Just freaking turn your back and talk normally, instead of creating useless theatrics to sensationalize your grand conspiracy.

What’s next? You need a special private enclosure on the court with martinis to discuss your next point?

You are not saving the world from some nuclear attack here.

How about saying your plan aloud and doing just the opposite or sometimes just follow it, to keep your opponents guessing. Will that work?

Need more ideas? Just visit my freaking basement after 11 o’clock. I’ll show all my strategies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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