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Why don’t sons and daughters of sports legends become legends?

Posted by tennisplanet on July 4, 2007


Wouldn’t that be the safest and the shortest route to success? You have the guy who ruled the sport in your freaking family. He is your father, for crying out loud!!!

And you want to pursue something else? Most people would kill to have Sampras or Agassi as their father.

But why is it that getting a Michael Jordan, does not automatically mean we will see his son do even better? I mean, he has access to all the secrets and the inside information. That should be a given, isn’t it?

Laila Ali is one example. That’s the daughter of Mohammad Ali, for freaks, wasting their time studying. George Foreman, another legend, was asked the question. He said I told my sons to take up boxing. I will help you out. I know everything that anybody needs to know. Use my experience and knowledge. But he says they just don’t want to take up the sport.

Is it because of that long shadow already there? Luke Walton knows a thing or two about that. So then it boils down to the ego. Sure it does. Every thing we do ends there, doesn’t it? 

But who wouldn’t like to see a rivalry between Borg and McEnroe’s siblings. I have a very strong feeling, that we are going to see that rivalry between Sampras’s and Agassi’s sons.

Agassi’s kids, I think, have no choice. That will be such a waste of tennis gene, if they shied away from the sport because of their ego.

How about Tiger Woods? Is his new born daughter going to be the next Miss Woods of the future?

Each of us want to leave our own mark in the world before we depart. Having made that premise, it is natural for us to find our own way, no matter how difficult and steep the climb may be, instead of choosing the easy way out and be always spoon-fed by your dad.

Remember the Rocky movie, when Rocky’s protege tries to shake off his mentor’s legacy and contribution, by creating as much distance as he could, between him and Rocky?

Ask yourself that question. If you dad was a legend, would you take up the same sport and be always looked at someone who did not wholly do it on his own. No matter, how good you get, that fact will always pull on your strings. Public will not hesitate to constantly remind you of that, either.

Is it a waste of talent and valuable information, or is it nature’s way of bringing us every better in a new dimension?

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